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lovebirds eggs in the nest box


 The main reason why your lovebird eggs are not fertile is because it doesn’t have any fertil yolk. This normally happens when the male is not present.

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Sometimes you will experience that your female bird keeps on laying eggs and they never hatch. All the eggs stay as unfertile. In a case like this this are 4 main points you have to check. One Is your female lovebird by itself or does it has a male with her. You need to make sure is a proven male and not another lovebird that you think is male. Because it could be another female and that’s why the eggs are not fertile. If is a proven male by DNA test than the other reason is that is not an old enough adult and is not mating rite. Also the female lovebird is probably not seating on the eggs long enough to keep them warm like it should. Or the male lovebird it has as mate has an internal problem that is not fertilizing the eggs correctly.

Two females Together

If you have two females together you will think that you have an actual pair. When in reality you don’t have a real pair. Sometimes females will get along and act as males and female and even make love to each other sometimes. Eventually you will start to get notice because you see that the eggs are never fertile or you see a number of eggs at once that is not normal like more then 7 at a time. That means you have two females and that’s why the eggs are never fertile. However they will continue in laying eggs because they do it by habit. 

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why my lovebird eggs are not fertile

Not Warming The Eggs Correctly

If your lovebird is not spending time sitting on the eggs that’s going to cause that the eggs will not fertilize even if they are with another male. The eggs need at least 5 to 7 days of proper heat in order for the little baby to start forming inside. Some times because of vary reasons they don’t seat on the eggs and don’t give them the proper heat to form inside. If you will like to learn about why the lovebirds don’t seat on the eggs CLICK HERE

not warming up the eggs correctly

The Male IS To Young

Another reason why you may ask your self Why my lovebird eggs are not fertile is because it may be with a male that is to young. When the male is to young it can either not hump the female correctly ( Mate ) or it may not be mating at all. Sometimes you need to be very carful with the age of your birds if the sole purpose of you having them is to breed and make baby’s.

The Female Might Be to Old

If having a to young male is not good having a way to old female is not good ether. When the female birds get to old they stop doing there job properly, sometimes they just stop at all in fertilizing eggs because everything is out of order and they are just tire and worn out. Keep your attention on ages all the time.


Now that you have some good ideas of why your lovebirds eggs are not fertile you can take action. But no matter what your situation is with your lovebirds you need to know that this process requires a lot of patience and dedication.

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