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YAHEETECH 59-Inch Rolling Standing Medium Dome Open Top Bird Cage for Parrots Cockatiels Sun Conures Parakeets Lovebirds Budgies Finches Canary Pet Bird Cage with Removable Stand

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Product Details
  • Open top cage design, Attractive black finish solid epoxy frame
  • 4 heavy duty PVC wheels,2 w/ brakes for safety stability, a slide-out plastic tray for easy cleaning
  • 2 timber perches, 2 stainless steel feeders, easy feeder doors, 12pcs screws and nuts
  • Parrot finch cage is made of premium iron frame, plastic tray and wheel, and solid wood perch
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  • Product Description

    About Yaheetech – A Leading Online Birdcage Brand

    Yaheetech is a leading online birdcage brand registered in the US in 2015. Since the establishment, it has achieved steadily rapid development among top birdcage brands, which is highly trusted by worldwide pet bird lovers for safety and construction. As of October, it has had sales of over 44,357 birdcages in the year 2018. As ever, Yaheetech is dedicated to providing global customers with reliable and professional pet bird housing solutions that boast safe materials, large space and great comfort for pet birds. Check out more about Yaheetech items now!

    More Stable Open Top Structure

    The open top structure has been updated for several times to make the top more stable when it was opened.

    2 Stainless Steel Feeders

    2 Stainless Steel Feeders are included for convinient feed replenishment.

    2x Natural Wood Perch:

    Polished wooden perch provides a comfy place for birdies to rest

    Safe Material

    Non-toxic painted frame is safe and durable to use

    Detachable Mesh Grate

    Detachable mesh grate can be removed for easy cleaning and the mesh grate can prevent your birds from walking/laying directly on their droppings

    Removable Tray

    Slide-Out Tray under the cage can be removed for easy cleaning.

    Storage Shelf

    Features 1 storage shelf in the bottom rack, suitable for placing bird feeds, toys and cleaning tools, handy and organized

    4x 360° Swivel Casters

    2 casters with brakes make it easy to lock it in position
    Recommended Birds:The bar spacing is 0.6”, the cage is good for mid-sized parrots, we recommend monk,quaker, cockatiel, indian ring neck, green-cheek, Sun Conure, Black-headed Caique, Dove or the similar size birds. Specifications:Dimension (with cage top opened): 59 x 59 x 150 cm / 23.2 x 23.2 x 59’’ (LxWxH)Dimension (with cage top closed): 59 x 59 x 140 cm / 23.2 x 23.2 x 55’’ (LxWxH)Cage Size (with cage top closed): 50 x 50 x 83 cm / 19.7 x 19.7 x 32.7’’ (WxDxH)Feeder Size: 11 x 8.5 cm / 4.3 x 3.3’’(Dia.xDepth)Door Size: 37.5 x 25 cm / 14.8 x 9.8’’ (LxW)Perch Length: 47 cm / 18.5’’
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