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SUPER DEAL PRO 61”/ 68’’ 2in1 Large Bird Cage with Rolling Stand Parrot Chinchilla Finch Cage Macaw Conure Cockatiel Cockatoo Pet House Wrought Iron Birdcage, Black

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★ Sturdy enough to handle your birds’ bites and harsh weather conditions! This Bird Cage from SUPER DEAL is made of wrought iron that makes it a sturdy and durable bird cage. Powder coated with non-toxic and lead free paint.

  • ★Form a bond with feathery friends using the versatile play area above the cage! A layered structure for the most climb, perches, ladders and feeder bowls. Top playing area with an ascent ladder. Encourage activity outside of the bird cage with an expanded, ladder playtop design.
  • ★ 5 stainless steel bowls and 2 perch – 1 Interior long wooden perch for resting. 4 Industrial casters: easy to move around without noise.
  • ★ Bottom Removable sand tray and grille for easy cleaning! It helps keep the mess inside of the cage and off of your floor. Easily washed when dirty to keep your bird’s home fresh and clean at all times.
  • ★ Heavy duty lockable door keeps your bird securely inside the cage when the playtime is over. It is the ideal choice for your pet bird. Warm Note: Due to the unpredictable transport, part damage/dent is hard to avoid completely. Feel free to contact seller to get replacement if you have received any damaged/dented part.

  • Product Description

    1 Recommended birds for our cage: Budgies / Canaries / Cockatiels / Smaller Conures / Finches / Lovebirds / Parakeets / Parrotlets / Caiques / Smaller Cockatoos / Poicephalus / Pionus / Jardine’s Parrot / Red-bellied / Meyer’s Parrots / Lories / Mini Macaws / other similar size birds
    • Cage Size: 45.8 x 45.5 x 83.5 cm/18 x 17.9 x 32.9inch (L x W x H)
    • Total Size: 65 x 65 x 154 cm/25.6 x 25.6 x 61inch (L x W x H)
    • Door Size: 43 x 22.5 cm/ 16.9 x 8.9 inch (L x W )
    • Bar Spacing: 1.2cm/0.5inch
    • Two Small Bowl Diameters :10cm /3.9inch
    • Two Large Bowl Diameters :10.5cm /4.1inch
    • Base Tray Size:43 x 39 cm/16.9 x 15.4 inch

    Providing Your Pet with Adequate Living Space.

    Location and Placement
    Decide where your bird’s cage will be located. The area should be away from windows and drafts, yet in an active part of your home to encourage your pet’s social development.SUPER DEAL Floor Bird cage equipped with 4 Detachable Rolling Casters with 360 degrees swivel, allows you to move it easily with no noise, locate it anywhere suitable for your feathery friends.
    Choosing the Right Size
    The style and size of the cage is also an important factor. According to some veterinarians, round cages have been found to be detrimental to birds’ psychological health, so angled cages are preferable.SUPER DEAL 61” Spacious Bird Cage is large enough for your bird to walk around comfortably, and fully extend and flap her wings.
    Quality and Craftsmanship
    SUPER DEAL bird cage are sturdy and solid with NONE loose parts or sharp edges. The best part of the cage is – it’s made of wrought iron, which is non-toxic, easy to clean, and will not chip.


    • They last a lifetime!
    • They are much easier to keep sanitary!
    • They carry zero toxins!
    • They are sturdy enough to handle your birds’ bites and harsh weather conditions!
    • They are large enough for most birds!
    • They always look brand new!
    100% Safe, thoroughly tested and non-toxic powder-coating.No tools required to remove the included, easily removable seed skirt.
    Not only the interior bird cage but also the exterior entertainment space with ladder provides more room for birds, Including ladder, 2 feeding bowls, wooden perch.
    Our cage is large enough for your bird to spread its wings, while the bar spacing is small enough for birds’ safety!
    One 40″ long perch is included and made from totally genuine natural yellow cow wood for more exercise.
    Comes with 3 interior stainless steel feeding bowls for different kinds of feeds.Individually opening feeder doors allow food & water refilling without reaching into the cage.
    Patented bird-proof locks included on each feeder door & the main front access.Large front access door allows for easy entrance and exit so that your bird doesn’t get injured.
    Easy glide non-marking casters allow for conveniently simple movement to and from any room in your house.
    Easy slide-out metal grate and metal tray for quick and easy cleaning and waste removal.
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