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Welcome to TampaLovebirds the Lovebird Super Store! Here you will find a large variety of Parrotlets and all other type of parrots available for sale and some other species of Birds. Thank you for shopping with us! Is Important to Read Before you buy.

The Parrotlets that you will see below posted for sale are not exactly the Parrotlets that you will receive when you place your order. However all Parrotlets look the same among their specie or mutations. That is why is important that when you place your order you pic the one that has the specifications that you are looking for and we will match it for you. Pictures and videos will be provided upon request after the order has been made. Parrotlets orders can take up to 45 days of processing time due to the high demand.

Tampa Lovebirds is not responsible for any sold lorikeets or any other birds in our online store. All of our live birds for sale have no warranted. All sales are final there is no return or exchange of any live birds under any circumstance. No bird comes with a health certificate at the point of sale. When you buy a bird from our store you are aware of the risk that you take when you invest in a live bird, anything live can died on any given moment for a large number of reasons, and is not cover for any reason. If you are not ok with this rule do not buy any live bird.

Once a Bird Leaves the store or aviary it is expose to the outside environment and any infections, diseases, bacteria or trauma is 100% the responsibility of the Customer and not the store.


  • USPS Shipping Method $65.00 (PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED) – The United State Postal Service is a 2 days Guarantee Delivery. It can take up to 2 days to arrive to your local USPS office. Some stations will call you to pick it up and others have the option of delivering it to your home. With this process we have a live arrival guaranteed. If any lovebird or birds arrive dead at the time of delivery we will give you the money back for the value of that bird or give you a store credit for your next purchase. These shipping methods do not cover any in transit damages like broken beaks, legs or feathers. This live arrival Guarantee is only effective if the customer informs us at the time of pic up. If you do not inform any deaths at moment of pick up or arrival it will not be covered by this guarantee.
Parrotlets, affectionately known as “pocket parrots,” are charming, miniature-sized, true parrots. There are seven species of parrotlets: blue-winged parrotlets ( Forpus xanthopterygius ), Guiana or green-rumped parrotlets ( F. passerinus ), Mexican parrotlets ( F. cyanopygius ), Pacific or Celestial parrotlets ( F. coelestis ), Sclater’s parrotlets ( F. sclateri ), spectacled parrotlets ( F. conpicillatus ) and yellow-faced parrotlets ( F. xanthops ). The most commonly kept parrotlets in the United States are the green-rumped, Pacific and the spectacled. These usually weigh between 18 and 28 grams and are approximately 3 to 5 1/2 inches in length. Parrotlets can be sexed at a glance, since they are sexually dimorphic. Most owners describe them as lovable and easily maintained, yet very territorial.
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