You are currently viewing WTFP Episode 2: Lovebird Special Featuring

WTFP Episode 2: Lovebird Special Featuring

Interview to Raidel Marrero CEO. Of Tampalovebirds

Interview to raidel Marrero, How Tampalovebirds work

On this 30 minute special episode we get the lowdown on all things lovebird. A huge thank you to Raidel of check out his website in the link below and view the wide selection of birds he has to offer. Thanks again and we hope to see you next week.

Raidel Marrero CEO

My name is Raidel Marrero, I am the creator of TampaLovebirds.Com and a bird breeder here in Tampa Florida. I love to write and share all my personal experiences here in our blog. We also ship our birds all over the US, bringing happiness and love to many homes.