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5 Reasons Why Your Lovebird Doesn’t Sit On The Eggs & How to Fix It

The reason why your lovebird doesn’t sit to warm the eggs is because it could be the first time that it lays eggs and it doesn’t know what to do yet. Another reason is because it may not have enough nesting material on the nest box or it could be too hot inside the nest box and is running away from the heat. It could also mean that is just a bad parent bird that doesn’t want to sit to warm the eggs at all.

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First Timer Lovebirds

If your Lovebird is a first timer the probabilities are that it will not hatch the first or second clutch of eggs. This is because the whole experience is new to her and she just doesn’t know what to do. Sometimes this will happened in vary occasions but is important that you show patience to your bird because once it starts to build expertise it will take better care of them until it doesn’t happened any more. Some bird owners think that there is something they have to do to make the situation 

 like this. The only really thing you can do in this situation is make sure it has enough nesting material in its nest box.

Not Enough Nesting Material

When your lovebird doesn’t want to spend time inside the nest box, you need to keep in mind that it could be because it doesn’t have enough or the proper nesting material. This type of situation you can help and make better by taking the extra precaution and not letting them abandonee the box because of the nesting material. The lovebird can use 4 different types of nesting materials. These are the most popular ones.

  • Wood Shavings
  • Pine Needles
  • Palm Leaves
  • Shredded Paper

However you can use lots of other alternatives but the 4 mention above are the most common ones and that most breeders use in their aviaries all the time.

Wood Shavings
Wood Shavings
Pine Needles
Palm Leaves
Black Masked Lovebirds
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Temperature Is To High In The Box

Especially in summer time when the weather gets too hot it is normal to see some Lovebirds abandonee their nest box. This is because they don’t take the heat very well and they prefer to get out of the box. This is the common reason why in the summer time some breeders take the boxes away from the cages so they can take this period of time to take a rest, because most of them will not be going inside the box anyway. So you might as well just take advantage of the slow season to 

make them take a break. If you think this is the problem you are having try to relocate the bird to an area where is not so hot or at least has shade. You will see a big improvement.

It May Not Be Good Parent Lovebird

Some Lovebirds won’t warm the eggs up because they are simply not good parent birds. If you feel that none of the above points are the problem it may be that the Lovebird itself do not want to take care of the eggs and do its job properly.  When this happens all you can do is wait to see if the behavior of the bird changes over time or you can just end up replacing that female lovebird for another a different one.


Now that you know all the most common reasons why a Female lovebirds doesn’t seat on the eggs to warm them. You can take precaution in some aspects and take action in others. But most necessary thing you need to do when you are dealing with Lovebirds is that you need to have lots of patience.

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