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Why My Birds don’t Lay Eggs?

This are the 5 most common reasons why your birds don’t lay eggs. It could be because maybe the birds you have as female birds are not really females. It could also be that they are not sexually mature yet, Also if they are sufferings of any illness internally or were under antibiotic medicines it will also make them not lay eggs. You also have to make sure they are having a proper nutrition, birds that are not on a good diet tend not to lay eggs.

why my birds dont lay eggs
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Your Bird/Birds May Not Be A Female

A reason why your birds are not laying eggs is because they are not female birds. Unless you can visually  visually identify birds the bird sex is really easy to miss and have a male bird for a really long time thinking that is a female. For this is good to have clear how to identify your birds sex. Some times you have to take action and do a DNA Test in order to know for sure what sex it is. There is also a surgically procedure that is done by a veterinarian to determine the sex of your bird.

Your Bird/Birds May Not Be Sexually mature

When your birds are not sexually mature they will not do any breeding activity or lay any eggs. Is very important that you are inform about the age of your birds and know exactly when to expect them to start laying eggs and the breeding process that way you don’t expect them to start sooner of when they really will. All birds are different depending of species and breeds. know the age of your bird and Get to know all the details of their life span.

Your Bird/Birds May Have An Internal Problem

If your bird have an internal problem or illness it could be a reason why they are not laying eggs. If you have been waiting for over 2 or 3 years and you don’t see them laying any eggs ( Except the big parrots breeds- They can take lots of years to lay eggs) its a good idea to take them to the veterinarian to get them check because an internal illness can prevent them from laying eggs. This vet visit can save you lots of time.

Bird/Birds Exesive Antibiotics

Even though is good to have your birds healthy and preventing any diseases When a bird is under antibiotics or under an excessive dozes of antibiotics they don’t lay eggs. Always make sure that if you have an active breeding pair of birds you control the amount of antibiotics you provide them. Any medicine that is 30% or higher of antibiotic it will cause the birds to stop laying eggs because is to strong for their system.

why my birds dont breed
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Your Bird/Birds Not Receiving A Proper Nutrition

When your birds are not receiving a proper nutrition they will not lay eggs. keep in mind they need to have a well balance diet in order to function properly, is also part of staying healthy and avoiding diseases is maintaining a proper diet that will keep them functioning properly. Fresh food and water is a must if you want to have healthy baby birds.


Now that you know this 5 reason why your birds don’t lay eggs you can work towards solving your problem, hopefully you can fix your issue and soon have your birds laying lots of eggs and hatching baby’s.

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