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why my birds dont breed


Why my birds are not breeding or making babys?

These are The 5 main reasons why your birds are not breeding or making any baby’s. It could be because they are season birds, another reason can be that they are not pair up correctly with the rite mate. Also they might be to old, Or to young and they can also not have the proper nesting material in the nest or they might not be receiving the proper diet or the right food to keep them healthy and on point.

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Season Birds

If you have season birds its going to be normal for you not to see to much breeding activity throw-out the whole year. Make sure before you panic because months have come by and you don’t see any baby’s that you know exactly what type of birds you have and what season are they if they are season birds. If your birds are not season birds you should not wait longer then a year to see breeding activity. Make sure you have clear what season are your birds suppose to breed and what is the proper age for them to start.

Your birds might not be pair up correctly

Another good reason why your birds are not breeding is because they are not pair up correctly. There is only 2 ways of a pair of birds coming together, one is them naturally liking each other and paring up in a colony were they have the option to pic each other. Or another way is by the owner estratigicly matching them up by color or mutation. Very important to have in mind if you are paring them up yourself that you know for sure that you have a male or a female. Make sure you have them DNA tested that way you don’t do the mistake of having two males or two females together. If you did the DNA test and you still don’t see them paring up is because they may not like each other and you will need to end up replacing one of the birds to see if they actually get to pic a mate. That’s why we always recommend to let the birds pic each other. When they pic their own mate in a colony of birds they produce faster and are happier.

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Your Birds Might Be To Old or To Young

Your bird are not producing because they might be to old or to young. If they are over age they wont be doing any breeding activity. If they are to young they wont also breed at all until they are sectually mature. find out the right age of your bird and  mature age and that way you will know if they have the right age fore breeding. Is not good to be on ether end.

Your Birds May Not Have Enoght Nesting Material In The Nest Box

Your birds may not be breeding because they do not have enough nesting material in their nest box. Some birds can use Grass, Other Pine Shavings and others just regular leaves. Find out wish one your birds need to make the nest and make sure they have plenty. You can just place it inside the cage and let them take it into the box or if you want to speed up the process even more just place it into the box and let them just accommodate inside to get it ready for the eggs. that will make your birds really happy.

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Not Having The Correct Diet or Not Eating Enough

 If they are not eating the proper foods that they should eat for their bird type or are on the right diet they wont make any baby’s either. Is important you know what they should eat that way their body’s can stay healthy and working properly. if they are not getting the rite nutrition they will not function properly and they will not produce any baby’s. Every detail matters.


If after one tear or two you feel that your birds are a real pair male and female. That they have the right age that are sex  mature.  And you have provided all the necessary nesting material for them, you have them in the rite diet and they still not breeding then you should take your birds to the vet to get a check up. Vets can see the inside of the bird and notice if there is any organ problems inside of your bird that way you don’t need to spend any more time waiting for them to have baby’s.

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