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Why Female Lovebirds are aggressive

Why Female Lovebirds Are Aggressive?

A lot of people think that in the Lovebird Species the Males are the aggressive dominant ones. And in fact it’s completely the opposite. This is not the case at all is the female lovebirds is very aggressive because they have really bad temperaments. They have very little tolerance with the males.

why female lovebirds are aggresive

Aggressive Females Kills Males

The female lovebird can get so aggressive to the point of completely killing the male lovebirds. Sometimes breeders go throw multiple male birds because the female keeps killing every male that it goes in their cage. If the female lovebird don’t like the male lovebird  They get really possessive with its territory and take full position of the water and food and not let the male Lovebird eat or drink water until the point that gets the male so week that when she attacks him she ends up killing it right away.

Males Refusing To Mate

When the male Lovebirds are too young that are not ready to reproduce yet, they don’t try to mate with females and if you put them with an adult female, the female can ends up liking the male. You can even tell that females are bigger then males in body size and even look more dominant. If you need to find the rite male for your female lovebird  make sure you check our available inventory of lovebirds for sale. Click here to view what we have. We can ship to any state in the USA. Except Hawaii

why female lovebirds are aggresive
why female lovebirds are aggresive


When you have an aggressive female lovebird all you can really do is move her to a different cage to see if she can stop attacking other birds. Another good option is to replace the male that she is attacking and trying with a different male. Always keep an eye on the age of the lovebirds you put together in order to avoid headaches.

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  1. Amy Toth

    That sounds scary! Are they aggressive to other types of birds as well?

    1. No they are not always aggressive, is only in the scenarios that we mention before. they can be great pet companions, its only that they are aggressive with the males and other females in the scenarios we mention.

  2. Cat rekate

    That is very interesting I’m learning something new everyday. Good to know these things.

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