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Baby green Peach Face Lovebird Handfed Tame

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The Lovebird that you will see below posted for sale are not exactly the Lovebird that you will receive when you place your order. However all Lovebird look the same among their specie or mutations. That is why is important that when you place your order you pic the one that has the specifications that you are looking for and we will match it for you. pictures and videos will be provided upon request after the order has been made. Lovebird orders can take up to 45 days of processing time due to the high demand.

This Lovebird will be from 6 months old to 1 year old and This Lovebirds have not been DNA Test . The price does not include the shipping cost. Shipping can be $65 to any state in the USA using USPS or $165 using Delta Air Lines. If you purchase more then one Lovebird the shipping is only one time you can have up to 40 Lovebirds in one shipment. We send you an invoice for shipment a day before shipping. CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Tampa Lovebirds is not responsible for any sold lovebirds or any other in our store or online. All of our live birds for sale have no warranted. All sales are final there is no return or exchange of any live birds or accessories under any circumstance. No bird comes with a health certificate at the point of sale. If the customer buys a bird from our store is because the bird looks healthy to both customer and store associate. If you are not ok with this rule do not buy any live bird. Once a Bird Leaves the store it is expose to the outside environment and any infections, diseases, bacteria or trauma is 100% the responsibility of the Customer and not the store

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