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2 Lovebird Special -( Green & Blue Fishers ) FREE SHIPPING

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2 fisher lovebird special. 1 green and one blue. Male and female By Pelvic bones.

Specie of Bird : Fisher Lovebirds

Color Mutation : Green and blue
DNA Tested? No
Sex: Read Bellow
Age: You can request specific ages in the customer comment box at check out.

The Lovebird that you will see below posted for sale are not exactly the Lovebird that you will receive when you place your order. However all Lovebird look the same among their specie or mutations. That is why is important that when you place your order you pic the one that has the specifications that you are looking for and we will match it for you. pictures and videos will be provided upon request after the order has been made. Lovebird orders can take up to 45 days of processing time due to the high demand.

Is this the actual bird that I will receive?
This is a sample picture of the bird that you will receive. We do a rely good job in matching our orders with the sample pictures we have listed, this is why we have so many different types of colors available for sale. That way we can make sure you find exactly the one you love.
Can I call and request pictures of the actual bird I will receive before I make an order?
No, Do to Hight Demand, call volumes and emails along with Facebook Messages we are not able to reply back with pictures of each bird, you have to make a purchasing decision base on the sample bird we have listed for sale and we will make 100% effort to match it. Just so you don't worry most lovebirds look exactly the same among their mutation. With this seed, once your bird bird is matched and ready for shipment we can provide you pictures before is shipped to you. Make sure in the customer comment box you request the pictures there.

What Is HandTamed Lovebird?
A hand tamed lovebird is a bird that was not hand fed but it was handle by the human since baby to make it friendly and not bite. The bird will be afraid of the new owner at the begging but as time passes it will be more calm and friendly to its new owner.
How long will it take for this bird to be shipped?
All orders are handle by the order they are receive, however some birds take longer then others depending on availability. Most of our birds are in our fulfillment center ready for shipment and others are still in our farms. Orders can be shipped rely fast and others will take the processing time that we disclosure in our terms and conditions wish is from 7 to 60 days to process. If for some abnormal reason it will take longer then the time we ask for, you are welcome to exchange your bird for a different one or be entitled for a full refund ( this is the only time we offer a full refund ) But please keep in mind, if you are in a rush do not order a live bird from Tampalovebirds, patience is required in order to ensure quality and a successful shipment.

How Do I pic the sex or the age of the bird/Birds?
Once you place your order you will find at checkout a box for Customer comments, there you can specified all the details of your order, you can request the age and sex of each bird you purchase. Following those directions we will process your order. If for some reason we cant follow your specifications we will call you to make any necessary changes needed to ensure that you receive exactly what you need.
Can i request a DNA Test for my birds?
We don't offer DNA Test any more to any of our birds. We test the sex of each one of them judging by the pelvic bones with is not 100% accurate, please keep in mind that the pelvic bones some times is not accurate.
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