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Non Handfed Lovebirds that are sweet.

This is a non hand-fed lovebird as you can see this lovebird is in my finger just like if it was a hand-fed. for a long time now I have been explaining all of our customers that not all hand-fed birds are lovable and nice calm and tame. there is always an exception of some hand-fed birds that after they start eating on their own they start to go wild and they want to interact less and less with its owner as it gets older. this behavior is very common on female lovebirds. this happened some female lovebirds because they get very territorial since they’re building their nest and then they don’t want to interact too much with the humans. in a different scenario you going to find the lovebird just like this one that is really nice calm and tame this lovebird was not hand-fedt but we remove it from the parents as soon as he started on eating on its own. after that we started interacting with the bird spending time with the bird and it gets to the point that the bird starts to build a connection with you that he acts just like if it was a hand-fed bird. these type of lovebirds if you spend enough time with them every day and give them time and affection they will be great pets. you will be able to find a large variety of this type of lovebirds in a new category available in a website for sale we guarantee you that if you show love to this type of bird they will be nice calm and lovable just like a hand-fed bird. if you have any questions about our baby lovebirds have fat and on him fat and adult lovebirds feel free to visit our website www.Tampalovebirds.Com

Raidel Marrero CEO

My name is Raidel Marrero, I am the creator of TampaLovebirds.Com and a bird breeder here in Tampa Florida. I love to write and share all my personal experiences here in our blog. We also ship our birds all over the US, bringing happiness and love to many homes.

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