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breeding lovebirds in colony

How To Breed Fisher Lovebirds in Colony

Is it good idea to breed fisher lovebirds in a colony?

Is it good idea to breed fisher lovebirds in a colony. Yes it is a good is a good idea to breed your fisher lovebirds in a colony if you like, Specially if you are a person that don’t have to much time to put into every single detail or if you want more of a natural wild feel and you will like to enjoy seeing all your lovebirds together flying in one place. However that comes with certain limitations, cons and pros.

Cons and Pros of Having Fisher Lovebirds In Colony

There are some cons and pros of colony breeding your fisher lovebirds or any other type of lovebirds in general. We will start with the Pros. 


  1. You don’t need to invest time individually.
  2. You don’t need to clean lots of bowls of water  every day to keep it clean.
  3. easy to feed all of them at once
  4. Easy to supply vitamins because is only one serving per colony to all at once.
  5. Lovebirds gets to burn more fat by exercising and you get to avoid lots of fat leaver deceases.
  6. Lovebirds get to pic their own pairs and it helps speed production faster.
  7. You get to enjoy watching all of them like in the natural wild.


  1. Lovebirds may fight for the same mate.
  2. If one lovebird gets sick and is contagious it can get the rest of the colony sick also because they are in direct contact and share the same water. 
  3. You need to watch out the new baby’s because when they start to get out of the nest to learn to fly the other adult birds can get territorial and kill them immediately. 
  4. Make sure the baby lovebirds can get back to their nest once they jump out.
  5. Some lovebirds can invade other lovebirds nest and not let them have a peaceful life and ends up in less production of baby’s.

How many males and how many females in colony breeding?

When you are colony breeding is important that you have an idea of how many males and how many females you have in your colony. That way you can avoid problems of lovebirds fighting with each others for mates. In the lovebird the female is the one that is the most aggressive so is very important to have more males then females or they can end up killing each other for the males. So no matter how many you have of each always have a little extra males in the colony.

breeding lovebirds in colony
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How many nest boxes I should have in my Fisher Lovebirds Colony?

When placing the nest boxes In a Colony of Fisher Lovebirds is very important to keep  some  important factors in mind. Always have more boxes then females. For example if you have 30 Female Fisher lovebirds you need at least 35 boxes available for them. Another important factor is the Hight of the nest boxes. Always keep all boxes at the same level. Never place some boxes higher then others or they will end up fighting to acquired the highest ones all the time. Make sure they are all  level equally.

What to do when baby's hatch In A Fisher Lovebird Colony?

When Baby Lovebirds start to take of in a colony Of Fisher Lovebirds is very important that you take immediate action. This is because the adult lovebirds from the colony can attack the baby birds and kill them because they can get territorial. One good idea is to remove the baby’s from the colony or place them in a separate cage inside the colony so the adult birds don’t attack them and the parents can still feed them from the outside of the cage.


Its a good idea to Colony breed your Fisher Lovebirds if you want to save time and enjoy the perks of seeing them fly all together but as long as you follow all the steps and take the necessary precautions. If you are interested in purchasing Fisher lovebird you can click here.

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