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3 Simple Steps to get your bird back If it flies away

3 Simple Steps to get your bird back If it flies away

Owning a pet bird and having it fly away hurts a lot. This happens to a lot of bird owners at least once in their life time. To get it back Place the cage outside with the door open, Place inside your bird favorite foods and snacks with fresh water and place another bird in a separate cage next to it to help yours guide back to its cage.

Normally when this happens the owner of the bird feels devastated and hopeless because it feels like the bird will never come back. Thanks to these 3 simple steps now you can have your bird back in his cage with you at home enjoying his company once again.

Why Did Your Bird Flew Away?

The fact that your bird flew away when it had the chance is a completely normal behavior. And now you are probably asking yourself why if I feed it and give him good care he flew away? Well the fact that your bird took the opportunity to get away it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t like you or love you as an owner. It just means that he is trying to do what they were made for, wish is to fly high. It’s just a natural instinct that they are experiment.  

If your bird was not handfed and flew away it’s because it had lots of reasons to get away, Its not use to being inside a cage and it’s not use to the humans. That’s why they fly away as soon as they have a chance. It’s like I say it’s a natural instinct. But no matter what your case is follow these 3 simple steps and you will have your bird back in no time.

Step 1 Place its cage open out side

When your bird flies away the first step you need to do its grab its cage and place it with the door open outside. Believe it or not birds have a good sense of orientation, and even if you see it fly away very far fast they have the ability to come back. Sometimes it takes just couple of minutes and other times will take hours or even days.

Step 2 Place inside The Cage Its Favorite Food

Make sure you place inside the open cage all your bird favorite foods. Also make sure you have fresh water there. Having all its favorite snacks will encourage the bird to come inside the cage once it comes back.

Step 3 Place Another bird in a Separate Cage Next to it

This will help find your bird, they have a way of communication that the sound of your bird in its cage can help calling the other one that flew away. They can listen to these sounds and use them for guidance to come back.

Why Will Your Bird Come Back?

Birds that are born in captivity, wish is the case of almost all pet birds here in the USA. It’s also the case in almost all the birds that you find at a Pet Store, the only way your bird was not born in captivity is if you catch it in the wild and that is a very small percentage of pet owners. Normally they are been in an aviary.

This type of birds is not use to hunt for food or look for water. They flew away for the pure reason of natural instinct to have fun, once sometimes passes they will get thirsty and hungry. The sad thing is that sense they were little they are use to having fresh food and water in their blows. What they will do automatically is to try to go to their blows and they will see that is not there and they will try to go look for them. That’s when they start retrieving and trying to go back to look for their cage that is naturally their home where they have the food and the water. That’s why is very important to have another bird next to its cage to help it guide back.

When to expect it back?

This whole process can last 30 min to 2 days. In my experience they tend to come back after the second day. Make sure you leave the cage outside all the time with the door open. It can take up to 2 days for your bird to return.  Sometimes they will find some water but food is very hard to find in the city specially birds that don’t know how to hunt for the food.

The only way that your bird will not come back is if it gets eaten by another animal or if someone else catches it first. If these 2 things did not happened your bird will come back home.

How To Prevent It From Happening Again?

                To prevent your bird from flying away again is very important to do 2 things. Pay better attention next time you are working with the cage and not to leave the door open and second I recommend to clip at least one wing. By clipping one wing the bird will still be able to flight inside the cage but in case you get distracted and it gets out of the cage it won’t be able to take off high, and you will be able to catch it easily.

Conclusion Have Patience

            These steps have work for us numerous times. And they seem to work every time. Lots of our customers have been throw this situation before and when they implement the 3 steps they have a 90% success rate. Most of them are happy because it works for them. If rite now you are in this situation I wish you the best and hopefully you will be with your little friend soon.

Raidel Marrero CEO

My name is Raidel Marrero, I am the creator of TampaLovebirds.Com and a bird breeder here in Tampa Florida. I love to write and share all my personal experiences here in our blog. We also ship our birds all over the US, bringing happiness and love to many homes.

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